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Oakengates Theatre!

28 dancers took to the stage for Telfords Gotta Dance!

Wow, where do I even start?!

Thank you to SSPA Events for organising a brilliant event to allow our dancers to perform on such a huge scale.

Thank you to parents for all of your support, getting them to classes and rehearsals, putting your trust in me, for THE loudest cheers… the list goes on!

Thank you to Taylor for being on hair duty!

Thank you to all of our older dancers who took it upon themselves to help the younger ones.

A huge thank you to Jo and Emma as always for your help, your support, encouragement and organising me! So grateful for you both. P.s also thank you for the ice lollies for everyone Jo!!

And most of all, my biggest thank you is to all my wonderful dancers. My second family. Lots have faced hardships and personal issues, yet last night you overcame all of those obstacles. You make me soooo proud. Seeing you on the stage, dancing your hearts out, clapping and encouraging every other dance group makes my heart so happy, I could burst with pride. It makes every amount of stress, late nights editing music/choreographing worth every single second. I’m THE luckiest dance teacher 🤍

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